Valentine’s Day

Hello to our romantic friends, 

We thought you may like this one.

This image captures the moment Frank and Wendy (founders of Stumpy Gully) took off around Europe having met each other in the Middle East (at a disco!)

The car of choice was a Deux chevaux!  It’s the reason you’ll see a red one just like it parked out the front of Stumpy Gully from time to time.

It’s a reminder of where things begin in life and how you never quite know where it will lead to.

For Frank and Wendy it was the beginning of an eventual journey that would lead them all the way to the Mornington Peninsula to plant the first vines around 30 years ago.  Those same vines (plus many more since) produce some of the regions finest wines that we all get to enjoy to this day. 

So, speaking of jumping into a car with your loved one to take a journey; perhaps this Valentines Day you can do the same and let your path lead to Stumpy Gully too.

You’re welcome to book online or call 1800 788 679

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